Grow From Uncertainty, Doubt, & Fear

Grow From Uncertainty, Doubt, & Fear

Look to your right or left, yes you glaring at your phone likely in a room full of people, look up and to the person next to you. Everyone, everywhere, at some point in time has faced obstacles; has faced uncertainty, doubt, and fear of what was to come. These feelings can be overwhelming, By coming upon this article, you may be feeling these emotions now. You are not alone. There is always some solace in that.

Some people seemingly go about life as though nothing bothers them. Obstacles come and they seem tiny, fractions of a crumb in the way. Obstacles with which the person steps around with ease of stride, as a giant steps over a horse, and continues about as if nothing happened. Others may wallow in misery for sometime, floundering aimlessly, a fish out of water, full of doubt and fear.

"What do those who deal with these emotions somewhat seamlessly have that we don't?", some may wonder. Nothing. Information, practice, which creates personal growth. That's about it.

In this short article I'll share some key information to help you become comfortable with uncertainty, doubt and fear, which will make you better able to negotiate obstacles and opportunities life presents.

Agility. Be agile with life. Life is full of twists, turns, and uncertainty, which the most agile and best negotiators are comfortable with. Be a stronger, bolder, and more complete you by being flexible, comfortable with the unknown. Be comfortable saying "I don't know" and seeking the best information or experts you can to fill in the gaps.

People who are also more willing to reject their first option, putting more power in their hands, thus allowing them to navigate and negotiate life more on their terms.

Reflection. The truth behind uncertainty is that you experience what you think you are experiencing. Uncertainty is neither ugly nor pretty. Face it head on, face anxieties and you may find that the situation was not as bleak as your reaction to it. You may find that you can face more than you thought. You may find you grow and continue to face more and become more capable. 

Reflection, especially daily, will help you understand where your emotions manifest from. Next, dissect why it could be manifesting, which will provide information to defeat it. Repeat daily for continued growth and to recognize patterns. Journaling is a good way to achieve this, and not I don't mean writing your secret crushes in that glitter infested diary garnishing the words "Keep Out" and a heart shaped lock on the cover.

Acceptance. Once you've reflected, you may find there are things that you cannot change. Well let's hope you find that, because that is just a reality of life, no matter the experiences. Now it's time to accept that there are things in life you cannot change. Life won't always seem fair. People won't always have your best intentions in mind. You won't always succeed. 

That is ok. It is time to accept the situation. Then, and repeat after me, "MOVE ON!"

Breakthrough. You know that daily reflection I recommended? This is where you will have your breakthrough. You are growing and learning why you do what you do through reflection, but you're frustrated because you see these patterns. These patterns are repeating, but you need to change. Necessity is the mother of creation.

Approach the problem from another angle. Seek a resource to gain a different perspective. Discover your plan A, B, and C ... because you need to be able to negotiate, right?

Hope. If you knew everything for certain - there'd be nothing left to hope for, right? Uncertainty provides opportunity, room for you to hope for the best and put that energy into the world.

Hope can provide courage to breakthrough. Keep spirits high. Look for opportunities. More opportunities will follow as what you focus on becomes what you find.

Best of luck.




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